I believe everyone should read. Reading transforms us; provides us entre’ into distant realms. Book in hand, we experience life. As Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole, we stand in the shoes of an adolescent, full of far greater fears than the rejection of her peers. We become Scout; for a moment we observe our neighbors without looking through the jaded lens of bigotry. We expose ourselves to possibility, positivity. Somewhere deep in our minds a shift occurs; a paradigm is skewed. 

I believe all of us should write–with abandon, without expectation, for the experience. Writing transforms us. It transports us. It unlocks doorways, leads us down undiscovered paths in our own mind. Pen in hand, we proffer conversation to a nameless audience. I am a writer; it’s a gift, a calling.  I’m fond of saying I’ve always been a writer but seldom put pen to paper . . . or fingertips to keyboard. I prefer to write longhand. To be completely candid I prefer to write in my head . . . The words in my head and in my heart must travel onto the page. If I have nothing to say, well . . . I always have something to say. Always. To quote Lord Byron “If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.” I hope it’s not too late.